Yoga Asana for Back and Shoulder Stiffness

Yoga Asana for Back and Shoulder Stiffness

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Yoga Asana for Back and Shoulder Stiffness
Yoga Asana for Back and Shoulder Stiffness

Introduction of Yoga Asana

Asana is a term which came from Sanskrit meaning ‘seat’ which is known to have a meaning as “sitting in a comfortable place” therefore we can say it means “pose” or “posture” which we use while we are meditating. Asana is performed by people as it helps benefit the health, mind, body, and soul. Just like poses, Asana is simply a physical pose you do with your body. So it is a means to practice yoga.


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Causes of Back and Shoulder Stiffness

Many people experience back and shoulder stiffness, also known as neck and shoulder pain, or discomfort at least once in their lifetime. It may be due to working for hours long or due to insufficient sleep, but as long as this pain is not continuous, there’s no need to worry.

But if you have been feeling this discomfort for a while now, these may be the causes behind your back and shoulder stiffness:

  • Sitting in a hunched position while using your computer too much
  • Overuse of poor posture
  • Sleeping in an awkward or wrong position
  • Carrying a bag over the shoulder for a long period of time

These are mostly the causes majority of the time. But it could be something serious as genetic, or from injury. In that case, consult the doctor asap.

Symptoms of Back and Shoulder Stiffness

I have written a few of the major symptoms of neck and shoulder pain/stiffness down below, you may have already have noticed some of them:

  • When trying to turn the head to the side, you feel soreness
  • Difficulty in moving the head or even moving the arm properly

Yoga Asana for Back and Shoulder Stiffness

Yoga asana or yoga poses is one of the best methods that can greatly help relieve pain and keep you pain-free in your back and shoulder. Apart from this, have plenty of rest, hot and cold compressions to fasten the healing process.

  • Neck Rolls

Make sure you’re sitting in a comfortable place. Rest your hands on your knees and sit upright while relaxing your shoulders. Gently roll your head to the left or right sides. While doing so, roll your head back and repeat the opposite side.


  • Cross Body Shoulder Stretch

Again, sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, and gently pull your arm across your body until you feel a stretch in your shoulder. Hold this for like 3 breaths, then release and repeat the process with the other shoulder. Super easy to do and very effective.


  • Warrior Pose

Have a standing position, bring one foot forward and another back, and then slowly lean into your front foot while bending that knee. During this, slowly lift both your arms and spread out your entire wingspan – one hand facing your front foot and the other towards your back. Hold this yoga asana for 30 seconds and then repeat it with another foot.


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Written by: Syeda Saira


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