Triphala – A Daily Detox Tonic for a Complete Body Cleanse

Triphala – A Daily Detox Tonic for a Complete Body Cleanse

The best kept Ayurvedic Herbal Combination formula is Triphala. Triphala – A Daily Detox Tonic for a Complete Body Cleanse

Triphala is a Sanskrit word that means three fruits, Triphala is a combination of 3 fruits from three trees, Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis), Vibhitaki (Terminalia Billerica), Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula), It is the most popular Ayurvedic herbal formula of India

Botanical Names:
Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Belerica

Dosha Triphala is tridoshic, therefore suitable for Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Triphala is balancing and beneficial for all doshas. The herb has a rejuvenating effect and is best used to help reduce excess Kapha, Pitta and to treat Vata conditions such as constipation flatulence and indigestion.

Each three fruits of Triphala have following roles in balancing the Dosha’s:

  1. Amalaki (Amla) A rich source of vitamin C. A sour but cooling herb that balances Pitta.
  2. Haritaki (Harad) Contains anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. A strong digestive tonic that balances Vata dosha.
  3. Bibhitaki (Bahera) A source of protein and linoleic acid that balances Kapha by reducing mucus in the body.


Triphala contains five of the six tastes sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent. The strong tasting of the bitterness induces many other beneficial digestive secretions as well.

Benefits of Triphala

  1. This traditional herbal combination acts as a complete body cleanser.
  2. Triphala can detoxify and cleanse the colon and liver.
  3. It can purify the blood and nourishes your nervous system, blood & muscle.
  4. One of the best benefit of Triphala is – it aids digestion and increases nutrient absorption.
  5. This herbal formulation is used to assist in improving adrenal function.
  6. It eliminates excess mucous and also has laxative properties
  7. Triphala can enhance the immune system and reduce high blood pressure.
  8. Triphala has both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  9. It also has anti-cancer and anti-allergy properties.
  10. Triphala assists in weight management, appetite control and reduces serum cholesterol.
  11. Triphala is also widely taken for all eye diseases including the treatment of conjunctivitis, progressive myopia, the early stages of glaucoma and cataracts.
  12. Triphala can be prescribed during symptoms of inflammation, heat and infection. Because of its combined tonic and eliminative properties, it is generally quite safe to give even for deficiency diseases including anemia, fatigue, Candida, poor digestion and assimilation.
  13. Taking triphala every day can ensure having a clear and glowing skin. Triphala has an anti-aging effect on skin.
  14. Triphala promotes vitality and longevity.


Nutritional Value of Triphala (each of the three fruits)

Amalaki or Amla (Emblica Officinalis)

  • Amla fruit is also known as Indian Gooseberry and it is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C builds immunity and is an effective antioxidant that removes harmful toxins from the body.
  • Amla helps to strengthen and nourish the lungs and the respiratory tract by removing mucus.
  • Vitamin C in Amla helps to maintain good reproductive health in both males and females
  • Amla helps to regulate menstrual cycles.
  • Amla induces iron that aids blood circulation and maintains proper functioning of the heart.
  • Its detox function helps in the formation of fresh tissues leading to a glowing skin.

 Bibhitaki (Terminalia Billerica)

  • Bibhitaki acts as a blood purifier and curbs hemorrhage.
  • It is an internal cleanser removing harmful toxins and excess fats out of the body.
  • It’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial abilities nurtures voice quality and improves eyesight.
  • Hair roots are strengthened and it enriches hair color.

 Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula)

  • It stimulates the functioning of the digestive systemand sensory organs.
  • It is an effective in combating piles, anemia, gastro-intestinal problems and gall stones.

How to take Triphala 

Triphala Tea 

The traditional way of ingesting Triphala is as a tea. This method allows one to taste the herb fully, and taste is considered by Ayurvedic to be an important part of the healing process. Taste starts the digestive process, and sends signals to the body as to what to expect, already initiating your body’s own inner pharmacy.



½ teaspoon of Triphala

1 ½ cup of water

To take Triphala as a tea, make a decoction by adding ½ teaspoon of Triphala powder to a one and a half cup of water. Stir and allow the tea to cool and drink.

Note: If you have never taken Triphala before – start with ¼ teaspoon of Triphala powder.


Over time, as the system becomes more balanced, it is not uncommon for the taste one perceives to evolve into a sweet experience. Triphala is usually taken on an empty stomach, most commonly in the evening before bed. Some prefer to take it first thing in the morning, especially if taking it at bedtime makes one urinate at night.

 Precaution in using Triphala

Triphala is not recommended for acute diarrhea or during pregnancy. People who are underweight should avoid using this product as it will decrease weight.

Some potential Triphala side effects of high dosage of Triphala include diarrhea or an increased amount of gastrointestinal gas. In some cases, a person may have difficulty sleeping after taking the herbal combination. The severity of these side effects depends on the dosage taken.

Triphala Capsule

Alternatively you can also take Triphala Capsules. Here is the brand I like.


Triphala Capsules


As a nutritionist, I recommend clients complete a cleanse program at least twice a year. By undertaking this program, my clients learn how to cleanse using food, along with making lifestyle changes according to their body type. 

I have designed this programis is available on my website and includes meal plans, recipes and lifestyle updates for your dosha type.








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  1. Is there anything else like triphala. I am underweight but I like the benefits of triphala and it is helping me with some symptoms. what can I take similar to triphala?

    • Triphala is a formula mostly used for all 3 dosha’s to have a healthy blood and elimination cycle. If you are underweight – I suggest you speak to a practitioner and become aware of your diet. Also ask to check for parasites in your system. But ONLY a practitioner can truly help you.

  2. What aren’t these important ancient knowledges taught in public schools? I’m enraged at the idea that BIG PHARM makes millions from our sickened and diseased bodies. It is SICKENING; after measuring the cost of GMO effect upon our Genome makes me feel nauseous. Even worse, the people like me who are concerned about that poisonous GMO component in our food supply are demonized. Yet dark and perverse behaviors are being promoted as HEALTHY. OUTRAGEOUS how addiction to darkness is being ovetlooked as MAJOR COMPONENT TO INTERNAL DISEASE.

  3. Will it be helpfull for knee joint inflammation &stifness
    Will it be helpfull for knee joint inflammation &stifness

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