Traditional Milk Tea Recipe

Traditional Milk Tea Recipe

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If you ask me what bring a smile on a Bangali’s (Bangladeshi) face and what brings them together, it is a cup of hot black tea made with milk and sugar! This is served at every Bangali’s house – day and night, after meals and whenever guests arrive. A warm cup of tea in your hand and friends or family around you – is all that is required for a deshi style adda or a conversation. Gossip, political news, heating debates, a good laugh and quality time spent with close friends – what else do you need? I will share with you a Traditional Milk Tea Recipe today. 

There are two other foods that often compliment this “cha” or “tea.” One being the puffed rice (cha and muri) and the other, I believe we inherited from the Brits are biscuits (or cookies). You will actually catch us taking a handful of puffed rice and stirring it in our tea cup! We scoop out the puffed rice with a spoon and enjoy eating it and we just love to dip the cookies in the tea and enjoy that too!! 

I know I know what you are thinking…what a crazy way to drink tea! But when you are born and raised in a culture that loves tea and sugar – this is what you get and I am so blessed that I did.

So today I share with you my hubby’s favourite tea making process or the cha recipe. Deshi Dhoodh Cha Recipe: A Traditional Milk Tea Recipe from Bangladesh. Since we have changed many things in our kitchen for better health, better taste and supporting sustainability – we make our tea with unhomogenized organic milk and unpasteurized local honey. We choose black tea that is grown in Bangladesh, India, Nepal or Sri Lanka. This selection is easily available at a Indian or Sri Lankan grocery stores or at David’s Tea (a popular tea retailer in Canada). I will share the benefits of black tea in my next blog.


Traditional Milk Tea Recipe
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  1. • 2 cups of raw milk or organic unhomogenized milk
  2. • 2 cups of filtered or spring water
  3. • 4 tsp. of Assam tea leaves
  4. • 4 tsp. of Earl Grey tea leaves
  5. • Honey to taste
  1. 1. Pre measure 2 cups of milk in 4 cups, each filled a little less than half of the cup.
  2. 2. Do the same with water. However water measurement will be half cup for each cup of tea.
  3. 3. In a small pan, pour the milk and water and wait until it becomes hot. Make sure the milk does not spill.
  4. 4. Add the tea leaves and bring it to boil.
  5. 5. Lower the heat and simmer for 10-12 minutes until all the flavours from the tea leaves are completely infused in the milk.
  6. 6. Use a strainer to strain out the tea leaves when pouring back into the cups.
  7. 7. Add honey to one’s taste. Enjoy this hot cup of tea with cookies.
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  1. Do u have a recipe for mango pickle ( Bangladeshi style) please. I’ve tried this tea kind of tea lots of time and it is delicious believe me yummy !!! 🙂

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