The Magical Arabic Aromatherapy – BAKHOOR or Bukhoor or Perfumed Oud

The Magical Arabic Aromatherapy – BAKHOOR or Bukhoor or Perfumed Oud

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My introduction to Bakhoor was at a neighbor’s home who loved using Bakhoor and gave me a piece to burn around the house. The benefits of Aromatherapy – especially natural Aromatherapy goes beyond creating a fragrant space but also to enhance mood and uplift dull spirit or atmosphere. One sniff of Bakhoor and I was forever drawn to a scent that seemed sweet and sacred. Since that day I have always been in search of high quality Bakhoor.

I purchase Bakhoor from this place called Modah in Mississauga, Ontario. You can get good quality bakhoor, bakhoor burning and Arabic fragrance oil here. However Bakhoor and Bakhoor burners are easily available on Amazon as well.

What is Bakhoor or Bukhoor?

Bakhoor or Bukhoor is a fragrant woodchip or baked clay (bricks) that is made from Oud or Oudh also popularly known as Agarwood or Aloeawood.  Oudh is submerged in fragrant oils and other natural ingredients are immersed together to make  a scented chip. The natural ingredients include may be sandalwood, musk, resin, ambergris or any other scent according to one’s personal liking. Bakhoor is used as a fragrance to perfume the house or clothing.

How is Bakhoor or Bukhoor Used?

Bakhoor is burned in charcoal or incense burners. The aromatic smell enhances and boosts the positive energy at home, stores or any sacred space.

Buy round charcoal discs, lighter or blow torch, a mini tong and aluminum foils to put on the bakhoor burner. Steps on how to use the burner to smoke bakhoor is written below.

Caution: Please DO NOT BURN BAKHOOR if children are around.

Benefits of using Bakhoor or Bukhoor:

There are several benefits of using Bakhoor. I’m listing few of them below:

  • To increase sweet or aromatic fragrance in the house.
  • To form romantic atmosphere in bedrooms.
  • To enhance and boost positive energy. Some traditions believe the scent of Bakhoor can stir away bad spirit or energy.
  • Used in shops and stores to draw customers towards shop.
  • Used in festivals and special events like weddings and religious ceremonies.
  • To welcome guest with lovely cordiality gestures.
  • Used after cooking to get rid of any off putting scents in the kitchen.
  • Used in old medications.
  • Used to get rid of bad smells for example cigarette smell.
  • Used to relax the mood.

How Bakhoor or Bukhoor is made?

Natural ingredients such as Oudh, sandalwood, musk, resin, ambergris are immersed with the fragranced oil on a woodchip to make a scented chip known as Bakhoor. Some makers use handmade method while other uses baking method to make Bakhoor.

Where to get Bakhoor or Bukhoor from?

Bakhoor can be found in Yemen, Oman, and other Arab and Gulf countries. Each maker has different Bakhoor recipe which makes their fragrance difference from other makers. One of the best handmade Bakhoor is in Aden-Yemen.

Try the Bakhoor below from

How to Store Bakhoor or Bukhoor?

If you get your hands on homemade Bakhoor or Bukhoor – ensure you store it is a glass bottle, in a cool and dark place. I hear that the perfume only grows better and sweeter as time passes by inside the glass container.

How to burn Bakhoor or Bukhoor?

There are two main techniques to burn a Bakhoor.

  1. Burning Bakhoor using traditional charcoal burning
  2. Burning Bakhoor using modern electric burners

Bakhoor, Mabkhara (Bakhoor Burner), tongs and charcoal discs are needed before initiate the burning process. Following are the steps to follow in burning a Bakhoor as it is an easy task and anybody can follow it without difficulty.

  • Put charcoal disc in incense burner or in the Mabkhara.
  • Use lighter on the charcoal disc.
  • Charcoal disc will create a gray powder which means it is hot and ready.
  • Put Bakhoor on the charcoal disc.
  • An amazing aromatic Bakhoor scent will spread around.

Link to non-electrical Bakhoor burner

Link to electric bakhoor burner

Interesting Ways I Have Used Bakhoor?


  1. I have used Bakhoor in the kitchen after cooking for guests, before their arrival.
  2. I have used Bakhoor in my washroom.
  3. I burned Bakhoor in my bedroom and closet. I have had to be very cautious.
  4. I also used Bakhoor to perfume my hair with the smoke. I held the hair away from me with one hand and moved the bakhoor burners (when Bakhoor smoke came out) close to the hair.
  5. I have also burned bakhoor before prayers.

Tell me if you have ever used Bakhoor? What are some other ways you have used Bakhoor? What is your favourite brand of Bakhoor? Do you know someone who makes their own Bakhoor? Or can you make your own?

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