My Favourite Superfoods

My Favourite Superfoods

Best Foods for optimal health, longevity and healing. I have chosen superfoods that are great for vision health, digestion, adrenal support, thyroid support and detoxification. I have personally used them and reaped many benefits. In addition to brief information about the foods, I have also indicated [for some of them] which dosha [Ayurvedic Body Type] these foods are good for.


Amla Berry or Amalaki [PV-  K]:

This little sour tasting green fruit is also known as Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry. It is a rich, wholefood source of vitamin C and fiber. Amla is used in accelerating the healing process of the tissues and decreasing inflammation in the body. This berry is used in everyday rejuvenating tonic for whole body balancing, cleansing and gentle detoxification. It is a cooling herb in Ayurveda that is suitable for all three doshas. It is said in Ayurveda that Amla is like a burse or mother in its healing properties. I personally use this berry to improve my vision, enhance my immune system and maintain good digestion.

Aloe-VeraAloe Vera [VPK =]:

Like Amla Aloe Vera is also suitable for all three dosha’s. It is a bitter tonic that has a cooling effect in the body. Aloe vera is a member of the Lily family, and is one of the most nutritious vegetables available to us. The gel of the raw aloe vera plants contains vitamins A, C, and E and with minerals including sulfur, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and chromium, as well as antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, enzymes, sterols, lignins, and most importantly, polysaccharides. The polysaccharides contained in the aloe gel have a special lubricating effect on the joints, brain, nervous system, and skin. They are long-burning carbohydrates and help to provide steady energy over time. They also have immune-modulating effects and help increase the ability of the immune system to fight back chronic viral, nanobacterial, and fungal infections.

Chia SeedsChia Seed [KV- P+]:

Chia is a Mayan word for strength. These seeds are major dietary staples in South and Central America. Chia seeds are excellent source of protein, fiber and essential fatty acids. They also contain potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and manganese. They have a high concentration of antioxidants and are low in cholesterol and sodium. A unique combination of soluble and insoluble fiber found in Chia seeds helps slow the body’s conversion of food into sugar, thus having a control over body sugar. The essential fatty acids present in the chia seeds protect the heart health, manage cholesterol and boost brain power. Sprouted chia seeds, chia seed oil and soaked chia seeds are different ways you can eat chia seeds.


It is a fresh water, single cell green algae.  It has a tough indigestible cell wall which detoxifies and chelates the body by binding with heavy metals. Chlorella contains 10% of chlorophyll which is a therapeutic dosage. Chlorella is extremely popular in the health food industry due to its ability to support brain and liver function, improve digestion and elimination, protects from radiation, inflammation and enhances the immune system. It also contains many vitamins, minerals, fiber, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes & CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor). It promotes cell reproduction, assists in reducing cholesterol and increased haemoglobin levels.   It contains vitamin C and E, many of the B vitamins, folic acid, beta carotene, iron, iodine, zinc and calcium. Chlorella contains 60% of digestible protein and is considered one of the highest sources of protein on the planet.

Flax-Seed-finalFlaxseed Oil [VP- K]:

Flax seed is considered nature’s best vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It contains lignans which are naturally anti-microbial. Today the lignans are being studied for their ability to bind to estrogen receptors and interfere with potentially cancer causing effects on tissue. Johanna Budwig uses flax seed oil in her cancer protocol. Flax contains natural soluble and insoluble fiber and therefore is great for digestion. The Omega 3 fatty acid assists in heart health, skin health [preventing acne and blemishes], improving body’s natural response to stress, boosts brain power and reduce inflammation. I prefer brands such as Barlean’s, Flora etc. When buying flax seed oil look for cold pressed flax seed oil in the refrigerated area of a grocery store. Flax oil cannot be used for cooking however you can use this oil when making smoothies or salads.

KelpKelp [V- KP+]:

Kelp is a generic name for over 300 species of large brown algae. Kelp powder can be used as a substitute for salt in your diet. Kelp is salty but low in sodium and high in potassium, magnesium and other mineral salts. It is also rich in iron, iodine, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, and soluble fiber. Phytochemicals in kelp have been shown to absorb and eliminate radioactive elements and heavy metal. Due to its fiber content kelp can help control blood sugar level. It is also a great source of Vitamin A. Kelp can assist in appetite control and reduce food cravings.

Marine PhytoplanktonMarine Phytoplankton:

This is a unique super food from the sea that provides us with increased energy. It is a super charges, ocean based micro-algae that is available raw and live. It contains almost every known mineral, all amino acids, Omega 3 and active enzymes that is required for optimal health. Some benefits noticed by those using this Marine Phytoplankton as a daily superfood supplement are enhanced brain function, improved immune function, antiviral/antifungal/antibacterial effects, improved cellular repair, radiation protection, detoxification support, anti-inflammatory support, antioxidant support, improved circulation, etc. A few years ago I heard at a health conference how great it is for vision health and blood sugar. Make sure you purchase from a reliable source.  I prefer the Ocean’s Alive brand.


One of the finest Super foods and a great source of multi vitamin. This is one food that my mother tried to feed me time and time again but I did not eat. Now I know the value as it is available in health food stores in powder. Moringa Oleifera has the highest tested bio available micronutrients of any plant. Due to the bio availability, our cells can utilize these nutrients optimally. High in fiber and anti-biotic actions helps the body to detox and kill pathogens in the body. It contains 92 nutrients and 46 different types of antioxidants. Moringa nourishes the immune system, promotes healthy circulation, supports normal blood sugar levels and provides anti-inflammatory support.

reishi-1Reishi Mushroom:

According to Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herb’s, Reishi has traditionally been used as an anti-aging herb and has been used for many diseases and disorders as well. Taoists have continuously claimed that Reishi promotes calmness, centered-ness, balance, inner awareness and inner strength. They have used it to improve meditative practices and to protect the body, mind and spirit so that the adept could attain both a long and healthy life and spiritual immortality. Reishi is now used as a general tonic to help develop energy, to improve digestion and to improve sleep.

Lyophilized_Royal_JellyRoyal Jelly:

Royal Jelly has been consumed for its medicinal value in many cultures. You can find many literature and research studies indicating the value of Royal Jelly for health. Royal Jelly is a powerful superfood and a powerful antioxidant that increases fat metabolism, lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar. It also enhances the immune system, promotes wound healing, boosts brain function has anti-tumor/anti-cancer properties, reduces inflammation, promotes skin healing and protects liver.

turmeric-powder1Turmeric [KV – Po]:

This is my TOP spice. I will travel nowhere without my special Turmeric brand or even an organic brand. Turmeric is packed with anti-oxidant, and also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-bacterial properties. When you get a small cut or bruise, apply turmeric directly on the wound of fast healing as it is a natural pain killer. Combined with cauliflower it has shown to prevent prostate cancer. There are many researches showing that turmeric can be used for Alzheimer’s, Arthritis and Cancer prevention. Turmeric is also used to improve skin health. In India there are many cosmetic beauty products containing Turmeric. There is a whole pre wedding ceremony in some cultures in South Asia using this spice. Be aware when buying this spice. If it stains your pots and pans there could be colour added. Buy fresh, local or organic Turmeric and keep one bottle in your first aid kit and the second bottle in your kitchen for cooking.

wheatgrassWheatgrass Juice:

A powerful detoxifier and cleanser, wheatgrass is the sprouted young grass from the wheat berry [grain]. Because it is sprouted it does not contain gluten. Wheatgrass is extremely alkalizing and is known for promoting healthy blood. Both wheatgrass and barley grass are full of vitamin C, calcium, iron, trace minerals, essential amino acids, flavonoids and a number of enzymes. They also contain superoxide dismutase [SOD], a powerful antioxidant enzyme that protects the cells against free radicals and environmental toxins. I highly recommend reading Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine by Steve Meyerowitz. Please use a juicer to extract fresh juice which is most potent in nutrition. We cannot digest wheatgrass unless it is juiced.

Myth Buster: Contrary to the popular belief that wheat grass contains 75% chlorophyll, it actually contains .25% chlorophyll.