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Turmeric: The Ayurvedic Golden Gem is a detailed e-book on turmeric’s health benefits (with over 100 studies), Ayurvedic information, usage, 70 recipes, DIY healing recipes, supplement guide, and more. A great health resource and cookbook!


Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been using turmeric for millennia for its health benefits and culinary uses. Turmeric is consumed daily in many South East Asian countries combined with other spices in many dishes. It is no wonder that epidemiological studies show that those cultures have much lower rates of certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s than people in North America.

This book describes turmeric as a culinary and medicinal spice, and helps you understand how to use turmeric and get the most benefit from it. It is organized into the following chapters:   

Chapter 1 – Turmeric – the Golden Gem of Ayurvedic Medicine
Chapter 2 – How is Turmeric used?
Chapter 3 – Various Species of Turmeric
Chapter 4 – Nutrients in Turmeric
Chapter 5 – Why Supplement with Turmeric
Chapter 6 – Ayurvedic Profile – Turmeric
Chapter 7 – Medicinal Actions in Turmeric for Disease Prevention
Chapter 8 – Safety and Contraindications
Chapter 9 – Turmeric teas
Chapter 10 – Pickles & Curry Paste
Chapter 11 – Spice Blends
Chapter 12 – Snacks
Chapter 13 – Elixirs & Condiments
Chapter 14 – Broths and Soups
Chapter 15 – Main Meals
Chapter 16 – Desserts
Chapter 17 – Turmeric for Skin Care:
Chapter 18 – DIY Applications
Chapter 19 – Home Remedies
Chapter 20 – BONUS: Popular Products in Grocery Stores
Chapter 21 – BONUS: Popular Nutraceutical Brands
Chapter 22 – BONUS: Using Curcumin in your Practice


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