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Oral Care Kit – Herbal Tooth Powder, Tongue Cleaner & Sesame Oil


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Oral Care Kit – Herbal Tooth Powder, Tongue Cleaner & Sesame Oil

Contains Herbal Neem Tooth Powder [1 month supply], 50 ml pure cold pressed sesame seed oil and stainless steel tongue cleaner.

Simplify your oral care regime to avoid cavity, bleeding gum, infection and gingivitis.

Please NOTE that the tooth powder is bitter initially. However after using for 2-3 weeks you will notice the bitterness does not bother you anymore.

CAUTION: If PREGNANT or BREAST FEEDING email us to swap the Herbal Neem Toothpowder with Clay based tooth powder.

How do I use the Oral Care Kit?

1. Please use tongue cleaner to clean the tongue and get rid of the Ama or toxins.

2. Wash the tongue cleaner and put it away

3. Dip your toothbrush in your toothpowder container. Use the powder to gently brush the teeth. Add a little water to the brush if needed. 

4. End the oral care regime with oil pulling with the sesame seed oil

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 What’s in the Herbal Toothpowder?

What’s in it?

Neem: Neem is “THE” herb for tooth care. It is used to destroy pathogenic bacteria on contact, cleanse wounds and protect infected skin. Its antibacterial properties can help to eliminate the bacteria that cause dental decay and bad breath. Neem has pain-relieving compounds that can reduce the discomfort of a toothache. It also has vasodilatation and anti-inflammatory compounds that can prevent cell adhesion and destroy the bacteria that cause tooth decay, cavities, Pyorrhea and Gingivitis. Neem leaf powder is alkalizing and it also eradicates the calcium-forming organisms.

Clove: Cloves have been used to treat toothaches for thousands of years. It relieves pain and discomfort. The active ingredient in clove is eugenol that combats the pain and promotes healthy gum, fresh breath and strong teeth. It is a potent anti-microbial.

Cinnamon: It is antiseptic, antibacterial and it stimulates blood circulation to the gums to promote gum regeneration. Cinnamon is rich in eugenol and cineol, both of which have anesthetic properties that increase the production of white blood cells.

Celtic sea salt: Salt contains many minerals and therefore is extremely good to maintain oral hygiene. Salt can reduce swollen gums and draw infection out of any abscesses. Salt is helpful for oral health because it is anti-microbial and alkalizing.



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