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Copper Tongue Scraper or Copper Tongue Cleaner


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Copper Tongue Scraper or Copper Tongue Cleaner

In Ayurveda Copper is documented for its antimicrobial properties.

Benefits of Tongue Cleaning

Regular tongue cleaning with a copper cleaner inhibits plaque, bad breath and oral toxins. It also defeats the problem of tastelessness as one removes the toxins from the tongue their taste buds improve significantly. When taste bud is working properly one do not tend to add excess salt and sugar to their food and eats appropriate amount of food. Tongue cleaners also remove Ama or undigested food matters from the tongue and stimulates the internal organs slightly. When Ama or the coating from the tongue is removed it promotes fresh breath. Also removed bad bacteria and impurities.

How to Scrape Your Tongue

One must gently scrape their tongue without causing any injury. Tongue should be scraped from back to front for 7 to 14 strokes – depending on how  much accumulation is on the tongue. The scraper must be rinsed off between strokes if there is a lot of mucus accumulation.

I have also added a drop of essential oil such as fennel or peppermint to on the tongue cleaner  to promote fresh breath.


If the scraping is too fast or aggressive one can experience a gag reflex. If gag reflex happens with gentle scraping, begin slightly more forward on the tongue to avoid the gagging.



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