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Welcome to Conscious Health! By finding my way in Ayurveda, I have been able to reclaim some of the wisdom about nutrition, spices and cooking that my family used to share everyday. Through my classes, coaching, recipes and resources, I will share that wisdom with you! My name is Nahid, and I help people who experience low energy, weight gain and sleeplessness to get back their energy, lose weight and improve their sleep. Once you hire me as your health coach and nutritionist, I will design a customized program for you to strengthen your immunity, improve your digestion and begin healing any condition you might have. Let me provide you with a guide to awakening your inner healing potential!sig

Learn what is Ayurveda and how discovering your Dosha will empower you to keep your health in balance.

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Are you suffering for a constant health issue? Want to learn how to incorporate delicious foods while eating healthy?If you are eager to learn about the connection between food and healing hire me as your health coach.
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This e-course is based on Ayurveda and Holistic Approach to health and healing.
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Want to learn more about Aromatherapy and how Ayurveda uses these precious oils? The course provides you with a list of essential oils suitable for your Dosha and chakra balancing. Click here to learn more.

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$20 Off from your Initial Consultation

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