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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Imagine you are surrounded by a lush forest, breathing in the refreshing air of a waterfall in front of you. Do you feel relaxed and rejuvenated? That’s because you are surrounded by negative ions in the air. Air contains positive, negative, and neutral electrically charged particles. The right concentration of the ions in the air has a great impact on our breathing. Negative ions are present on mountaintops, waterfall or by the see. These negative ions revitalize the air which makes our mood good and makes us feel calm and rejuvenated.  You can recreate some of this environment in your house with a Himalayan salt lamp! These lamps release thousands of negative ions into the air when heated and have multiple health benefits.

What exactly are Himalayan salt lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are a beautiful gift of nature to us. They are made from crystal salts. You’ve probably seen Himalayan salt lamps in most health food stores nowadays. True Himalayan salt lamps are chunks of salt that has formed over millennia, and is mined deep below the ground in Pakistan, mainly the Khewra salt mine. A lightbulb and cord allow the salt crystals to be warmed up to release the negative ions. Himalayan salt lamps have shown to improve the quality of air by releasing negative ions when heated by 300%. 

What’s so special about negative ions?

Air contains electrically charged ions such as negative ions and positive ions. Negative ions are highly concentrated in nature such as waterfalls, mountains, forests, rain, the sea, and beach. Positive ions are more concentrated in cities and polluted areas. Salt crystals naturally attract water vapour in air that contains toxins/pollutants, these are absorbed into the lamp, while the vapour evaporates due to the heat leaving behind the toxins. Nowadays, indoor air can be quite polluted from carpets, furniture, cleaners, VOCs, mold, etc.

Negative ions help with the following issues:

  • Reduce the number of airborne bacteria
  • Reduce air pollutants, smoke, and odours
  • Reduce electromagnetic radiation which van reduce headaches, stress, and improve sleep
  • Reduce symptoms of asthma to improve breathing
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Improve immunity

Genuine vs. Hoax Himalayan Salt Lamps

To get the maximum benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp it is extremely important to use the real Himalayan salt lamp. But one must be wondering where to buy the real Himalayan salt lamp? You can buy it from the health food stores. However, in today’s era of technology, you can find a Himalayan salt lamp easily online. Some online or store shops sell hoax Himalayan salt lamp, so a good practice is to do your research to find the authenticate Himalayan salt lamp shop.

If you are thinking to purchase Himalayan salt lamp online, the best option is to diligently read the Himalayan salt lamp reviews before placing order. However, if you’re purchasing Himalayan salt lamp from a health food store, ask the vendor about its origins, see the characteristics and try chipping it away a bit. If it easily chips away it means the Himalayan salt lamp is real as they are generally very fragile. A red flag should be raised if nothing happens if you try chipping away the Himalayan salt lamp. Another red flag is if the Himalayan salt lamp vendor sells the salt lamp at a very cheap price, and you see a lightweight white large crystal, then it means they are selling fake Himalayan salt lamp imitations. A few signs of hoax Himalayan salt lamps are:

  • No return policy
  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • Emitting very bright light
  • Cheap white crystal
  • False mention of origins – or not made in Pakistan
  • Sweat when exposing to moisture
  • No visible benefits

Vital benefits of using Himalayan Salt Lamps 

Using Himalayan salt lamp in your home has numerous health benefits that positively affect our health tremendously. It purifies the air by collecting impurities from the air and releasing negative ions. Some of the worth-noting benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are listed below:

  • Air purification
  • Alleviate allergy and signs of asthma
  • Boost energy levels by relieving stress
  • Support healthy sleeping cycle
  • Improves conditions of skin illnesses
  • Reduces static electricity

Read more in detail below:

  • Air purification

Himalayan salt lamps have an incredible power of cleansing air by removing the pollen and dust, and other impurities from the air. Using Himalayan salt lamps in the home will make the home atmosphere fresh and pure which is beneficial for the health.

  • Alleviate allergy and signs of asthma

Himalayan salt lamp proves to be an excellent salt rock lamp to people who suffer from respiratory illnesses. The Himalayan salt lamp helps to eliminate the causes which impure the air. Even some people use Himalayan salt inhalers to treat their asthma.

  • Boost energy levels by relieving stress

Himalayan salt lamp rejuvenates the air which helps the human body to re-energize and revitalize. A study also shows that negative ions relieve stress and treat depression by increasing the levels of serotonin.

  • Support healthy sleeping cycle

Negative ions released by the Himalayan salt lamp helps to sleep better. Positive ions drain the energy and lessen the supply of oxygen in the body. So, to sleep better it is good to let the Himalayan salt lamp run while you sleep.

  • Improves conditions of skin illnesses

Himalayan salt lamp treats skill illnesses like eczema as it controls the pollen and dust in the home.

  • Reduces static electricity

Static electricity has some adverse effects on human health a few of which are that it makes a person suffer from loss of sleep and dry eye. Himalayan salt lamps naturally reduce static electricity and make the place soothe and calm.

Where to put Himalayan salt lamps

There are various sizes of lamps you can buy. Generally, an 8-pound lamp provides a 7-foot radius, a large 22-pound lamp provides a radius of 18 feet, while a 100-pound lamp does a 75-foot radius. You can place the lamps in:

  • Bedrooms for relaxation and sleep
  • Areas of meditation
  • Near computer equipment
  • In an office
  • In children’s bedrooms
  • In the living room


I have no doubt that you can benefit from Himalayan salt lamps!






Written By:

Laura Zafar CNP & Syeda Saira


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