Healthy Vegetable Oats Khichari or Khichadi

Healthy Vegetable Oats Khichari or Khichadi

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Ever heard of Healthy Vegetable Oats Khichari or Khichadi? Well today is the day! This recipe is tried and tested by my client and friend Shahnaz Jehan in Australia. She is currently on a diet regime to assist her with reversing her autoimmune condition. Jehan is unable to consume even onion and garlic and is strictly maintaining her Pitta pacifying diet. As we all know in Ayurveda every client or patient is treated understanding their bio energies and current health challenges. 

Why Oats Khichari? It is light, nutrient dense and Khichari is often considered equivalent to chicken soup for vegetarians. They nourish the health without having adverse effects such as wheat and rice. Wheat currently is a high allergen food and is a hard to digest grain for people with poor digestive health. Rice although is a great alternative but can raise blood sugar.

Whether you are a vegetarian or not, when you are not feeling well – khichari is the medicine food that can assist you with recovering. See my former blog All Time Kitchen Favourite: Khichari or Khichadi for more information about the benefits of khichari. 

What Oats Contain:

  1. Oats are great source of proteins when eating a vegetarian diet.
  2.  Oats are packed with minerals such as, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, copper, chromium, magnesium and zinc. 
  3. They are an excellent source of fiber.
  4. Oats are good sources of vitamin B1 and biotin.
  5. Oats also contain vitamin E and tocotrienols.
  6. Oats contain omega 6 fatty acids.

Benefits of Oats:

  1. Oats are amazingly good for cardiovascular health. According to The Journal of Nutrition the antioxidant compound in oats called avenanthramides, help prevent free radicals from damaging cholesterol. 
  2. The rich in dietary fiber oats can also reduce the risk or heart attack, high blood pressure and breast cancer.
  3. Oats can help stabilize blood sugar and work as an armor against type 2 diabetes. 
  4. A phytochemical present in oats called ligaan is food for the healthy gut flora (healthy gut bacteria) in our intestine. These friendly bacteria’s strengthens our immune system.

Ayurveda and Oats:

Dosha: Suitable for Vata and Pitta (may aggravate Kapha)

Rasa: Sweet

Energetic: Cooling

Post Digestive Effect:  Sweet

Qualities: Heavy and gooey,.

Guna: Sattvic

Medicinal Effects: Appetite-suppressor,  demulcent, grounding, mild laxative, and nutritive. 


Healthy Vegetable Oatmeal Khichari or Khichadi
Sweet, cooling and nutritive Oatmeal khichari with nourishing vegetables.
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  1. 2 Cups of Rolled Oats (uncooked)
  2. 1 Cup of boiled Mung Dalor mung bean or moong bean
  3. 1 Tbsp. of Coconut Oil, extra virgin and cold pressed
  4. 1 tsp. turmeric powder
  5. 1 tsp. ginger paste
  6. ½ tsp. coriander seed powder
  7. ½ tsp. cumin seed powder
  8. Pinch of Hing or asafoetida (preferably yeast and wheat free)
  9. 4 green cardamoms
  10. 1 inch cinnamon
  11. Cilantro leaf for garnishing
  12. 5-6 Cups of Water
  13. Vegetables: 2 cups of mixed chopped carrot, cabbage, cauliflower and spinach. [Keep the vegetables separated]
  1. In a pan heat oil first.
  2. Add cinnamon and cardamom, let them fry for 2-3 second.
  3. Add ginger paste, turmeric, coriander and cumin powder.
  4. Add a little bit water so the spice wouldn’t get burnt.
  5. Cover the pan and fry them in medium heat till the oils is released.
  6. Add the mung bean or dal first, then add the carrot and cook them around 3 minutes by covering the pan.
  7. Add the cauliflower and cabbage next and cook for 5 minutes or until they are soft.
  8. Next add 5 or 6 cups of water (I use 5 cups) and let them boiled by covering the pan in medium heat for few minutes.
  9. Add the oats in this stage and let it cook for 2 minutes in medium heat.
  10. Then add the spinach and cook it in another 5 mins or less in low heat so the oats can soak the water.
  11. Once cooking is complete transfer into a plate or bowl.
  12. Garnish with cilantro leaves.
  13. Serve this khichuri with ghee. A teaspoon of ghee on top of your khichari! YUM!
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