Grain Free Dessert Recipes Cookbook

Grain Free Dessert Recipes Cookbook

You love desserts and anything baked however you don’t necessarily get along with some of the ingredients in your baked goods because they cause digestive problems, intolerance’s, allergic reactions and weight gain! What do you do? You don’t stop eating those yummy cookies or cakes forever now do you? But you can’t just keep on eating them not knowing how to reverse your relationship with these ingredients. I will tell you now that apart from being delicious, desserts can also be nourishing without having any side effects.

You may suffer from gluten intolerance, nut allergy, maybe you are lactose intolerant or you gain weight easily when you eat sugar. Sometimes you are unsure which grain or nut has caused the ill health effect. OMG! All these ingredients are needed for your desserts! What if I assist you in finding a solution?

If you are ready to take responsibility for your health by committing to figure out what ingredients to replace from your baked products, which natural ingredients can be added to enhance flavour or you are simply looking for delicious recipes for yourself and your family which don’t cause any health issues, then YES! I have a solution for you. A grand solution that does not compromise on flavour, taste, texture and look but at the same time gives your taste bud the pleasure of baked delicacies.

A month ago I had the pleasure of coming across an amazing food blogger and photographer Suzanne Perazzini from Strands of My Life. Her dessert cookbook “Afternoon Tea” is a glorious addition in my ebook library! From tarts, cookies, cakes, muffins recipes to other treats such as blueberry marshmallow, strawberry coconut macaroons – she shows it all to you. Best of all, apart from inspiring you to put on your apron and get you to rock and roll in your own kitchen to make delicious desserts, the book shares with you how to replace grain, dairy, nut and sugar with much superior ingredients. It doesn’t end here! She will share with you some basic recipes such as chocolate frosting, sweet pastry, chocolate ganache and meringue topping! Umm…YUM!

Using high quality all natural ingredients that replace refined sugar, dairy and nuts she seduces your taste buds into a world of real food! This e-cookbook is 107 pages of beautifully photographed sweet treats with 50 recipes that are grain free, dairy free, nut free and refined sugar free! This amazing piece of art work will introduce you to Suzanne, who wrote, photographed, styled and designed the whole project herself. You will learn how she overcame her own health challenges and brought together a collection of tantalizing recipes.

My current favourites are Ginger Raisin Cookies and Kiwifruit Shortbread! I can hardly wait to try out the Neenish Tarts and the Chocolate Tea Cakes! These recipes are a perfect accompaniment with your afternoon tea.

For my recipes I substitute gelatin with Agar Agar which is a vegan source that helps with gelatinization.

If you are excited, curious and relieved to know that such a book is there to support your taste buds and your health, then don’t wait and grab a copy of the decadent “Afternoon Tea.”




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