Discover your Dosha

Discover your Dosha

Five elements and three doshas: The three dosha concept is made up of the dynamic forces of nature (wind, space, fire, water and earth) with distinct features that shape our personalities, imbalances and structures. This five element theory in Ayurveda believes that everything in the universe have the qualities of these five elements.

  • Space represents: openness, coldness and subtly
  • Wind represents: movement, lightness and coldness
  • Fire represents: heat, sharpness and lightness
  • Water represents: Heaviness, coldness and moistness.
  • Earth represents: Heaviness, density and hardness


Each of us are born with a unique constitution also known as “Prakruti”.

Now these five elements are combined into three doshas.
Vata = Wind + Space
Pitta = Fire + Water
Kapha = Earth + Water

What’s yours?