Boost Your Fertility Naturally

Boost Your Fertility Naturally

Boost Your Fertility Naturally is a 3 hour seminar in Toronto. Infertility is a modern day phenomena that is impacting many women. The industrial and ever so convenient lifestyle is actually impacting our health negatively. The toxins in foods, cosmetic products, stress and the environment are all the factors that can have an impact on your reproductive system.

This 3 hour workshop is designed to
• How to cleanse your body for conception
• 7 cleansing methods that you can utilize to improve fertility
• What products and food may contribute towards infertility
• Top 10 fertility boosting foods
• 2 week menu plan for fertility
• 15 recipes to improve your fertility

This seminar is whole heartedly dedicated towards promoting natural living for fertility. Seminar slides and handout will be emailed to you.
Sign up today! Space is limited. Email: or call 289 242 0677 to register NOW!

This is a fun, relaxing yet a power pact information session designed to assist you to assist in boosting your fertility using food and natural lifestyle.

Please let us know if you are a vegetarian or vegan when you register.

Date: February 27 2014
Day: Thursday
Time: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Price: $60.00
Location: 713 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto