Clinical Practice of Herbal Medicine [Now Enrolling – 2023] $899 CAD

Clinical Practice of Herbal Medicine [Now Enrolling – 2023] $899 CAD

Learn how to combine Western Herbalism, Ayurvedic and Yogic Philosophies in your Clinical Practice

Empower yourself with Clinical Application of Herbal Medicine – Non-invasive tests, clinical protocols and formulating herbs for specific health conditions

Instructor:  Nahid Ameen R.H, C.N.P, Yogi & Ayurvedic Practitioner

About the Course: The course offers in depth knowledge of the herbs and health issues related to the topics in each module. The herbs are described according to their actions, dosage, Ayurvedic energetics, health benefits and how to prepare it.

Modules: The modules cover – Digestive, Endocrine, Respiratory, Cardiac, Nervous, Immune System as well as Dermatology and First Aid.

Some of the case studies will be discussed in class. Upon submission these case studies will be corrected and discussed in class.

Classes: 12 Classes. Total 120 hours.

72 in class hours and 48 hours self study.

Pre-Requisite: Nutrition, Basics of Herbal Medicine, or any other Alternative Medicine background.

This course offers you the foundation needed to become a stronger well-rounded practitioner with clinical practice knowledge.

Course Dates:

Saturdays, starting from Mar 4th for 12 weeks. Occasional Sundays may occur. 

Course Venue:

Mississauga (Exact location to be determined) 

Course Summary:

The Clinical Practice Course incorporates practical, clinical applications – non invasive tests, observation and Q & A, nutritional therapy and herbal preparations using Western and Ayurvedic herbs. The focus of this course is herbal therapeutics for each body system, specific healing properties of many individual herbs and basic principles of herbalism from these two major traditional herbal healing systems. 


The focus of the course is on gaining knowledge about the different herbs, their use, and the traditions they come from.

·       Clinical Observation

·       Physical Assessment/Ayurvedic Profiling

·       Ayurvedic/Western Herbology – Selecting herbs for Doshas

·       Intake Techniques

·       Non invasive tests

·       Protocol Design/Treatment plans

·       Herbal Formulations, Therapeutics use of Herbs,

·       Case Study and Case Management Approach.

Topics Covered:

1.       Clinical Skills, Tests and Intake techniques

2.       Digestive System, Gallbladder and Liver

3.       Endocrinology – Thyroid, Adrenal and Estrogen

4.       Respiratory and Cardiac System

5.       Nervous System and Mental Health

6.       Dermatology/Skin Health, Basic of Herbal First Aid and Kitchen Medicine

7.       General Health, Immune System, Travel Guidance

Payment Methods:

Pay by PayPal, Credit Card or e-Transfer. Debit card and cheques are not accepted/

Payment Structure: Deposit $350 CAD upon registration and pay balance of $549 first week of the class.

Installment: $350 CAD upon registration. Three payments of $190) $21 CAD Admin fee included)

For Registration Contact:

Nahid Ameen

E: (Will answer within 48 hours)

P: 289 242 0677 (Weekends ONLY)