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Homemade Roasted Oatmeal Granola Mix

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This blog post shows the recipe for Homemade Roasted Oatmeal Granola Mix. This Oatmeal Granola Mix is gluten-free and better than the store-bought Oatmeal...

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Although Broccoli was never a favourite I totally changed that by cooking some of the best tasting recipes with Broccoli. Amazing for weightloss, cancer...

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Ayurvedic Roasted Turmeric Potatoes I have been cooking with turmeric a lot lately. It is a wonderful spice that provides many health benefits for inflammation,...

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Ayurvedic Twist to Date Based Protein Balls or Energy Balls Today I am sharing an Ayurvedic twist to a Western quick-fix recipe for weight loss,...

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Sweet potatoes are lighter starchy food and are suitable for all three dosha’s. Although some books may show sweet potatoes may not be good...

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Dukkah recipe - an Egyptian spice mix, is an all time favourite in my house. Dukkah is also known as "Duqqa" or "Dukka". This...

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