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Main Dishes

Main Dishes

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This is my favourite way to eat vegetables! You can use any root or starchy vegetable in this recipe. Enjoy the Ayurvedic Vegetable Stew.

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We are cooking with Red lentils or masoor dal! This is one Easy Dal Recipe you will ever come across.  Masoor Dal or Red Lentils Dosha:...

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When I was in Bangladesh we were eager to attend weddings not only to wish the bride and groom a happy married life, but...

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When I was in Bangladesh, Friday mornings at my home used to be extremely special. I would wake up to the aroma of warm...

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Call it lau, lauki, doodhi or bottle gourd this nutrient rich vegetable gets a lot of attention in Ayurveda. It’s more or less neutral...

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It's not what you think!...okay, may be a little. I will be talking about picking chickweed. What weed?? Chickweed, also known as starweed, is a...

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Khichari or Khichadi is a one pot wonder that is made by mixing rice and lentil together. This meal, originated in Bangladesh, is eaten...

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