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You are most likely to be infected with cold and flu unless you live in a bubble. But there is always a way. Proper...

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Moongpani, Mungdalpani or Mung Bean Water Benefits in Ayurveda Moong or Mung beans are the “Queen Beans” of all the beans, as per Ayurvedic Medicine....

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Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil – Ayurvedic Properties of One of the Most Versatile Essential Oils Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, tension, acne, pain,...

Ayurvedic Medicated Ghee/Ghritam – A Superior Anupan or Carrier

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Ghee is precious Ayurvedic food also used as a healthy fat in modern wellness regime. I have written about the Benefits of Ghee and How to make...

Benefits of Various Fasting

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  I have been aware of fasting as a religious practice since my childhood, and it comes naturally to me. During Ramadan, we fast for...

Types of Fasting and General Fasting Tips of Success

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  Fasting is an ancient healing method. Fasting unleashes the body’s own healing power with time and nothing to digest for a period of time....

Healthy Recipes for Vision Health

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Recipes for Vision Health As promised last week here are the two recipes for impeccable vision health. Vision Health Smoothie Recipe Ingredients:  Spinach (1/2 cup)  Carrots (1/4...

Ayurveda and Yoga Practice for Best Eye or Vision Care

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Ayurveda, Yoga and Herbal Medicine in North America show us abundance remedies available for Vision Health. Vision is the most beautiful of all senses as it...

First Aid Kit

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Ayurvedic Medicine starts in your kitchen! The kitchen pharmacy is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to use “food as medicine” even for minor...

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Although Broccoli was never a favourite I totally changed that by cooking some of the best tasting recipes with Broccoli. Amazing for weightloss, cancer...

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