2 Day Ayurvedic Cooking Classes in Toronto

2 Day Ayurvedic Cooking Classes in Toronto

Week 1: Introductory to Spice and Ayurvedic healthy cooking according to your Body Type [Dosha]
Week 2: New Grains 2 Try: Renewing relationship with Carbs! Cooking with Ancient Grains!


Week 1: Introduction to Ayurvedic cooking & Spices according to your Body Type [Dosha]

Let’s begin with introducing Ayurvedic pantry basics with Whole foods, herbs and Spices that will heal and enhance your lives.

  • Setting up your Ayurvedic Kitchen – getting to know new Herbs & Spices and Kitchen Utensils.
  • Explaining three body types and six tastes in Ayurveda.
  • Recipes: Detox Khichadi [so tasty that you will never believe it is detoxifying!], Tri-doshic Vegetable Curry [suitable for all body types] and Fermented Raisin Chutney!
  • Black Chai Tea with spices!
  • The most mouth watering spice blend that you can sprinkle on your salad, soups and sandwiches.


  1. All the recipes.
  2. Introduction to Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Cooking.
  3. Charts explaining body types in Ayurveda and Ideal Food Combining.

Forget about calorie counting and label reading – we will learn about changing lifestyle and UN-Dieting while choosing whole and fresh foods.

Week 2:  Renewing relationship with Carbs: Introduction to a Gluten Free Grain

The key to utilizing “grains” for nutrition is in the preparation, that will enhance taste and optimize nutrition.

  • Learn about gluten free and gluten containing grains.
  • Choose grains that are suitable for your body type.
  • Recipes: Quinoa with Curry Leaves, and Eggplant Puree.
  • Cooling Holy Basil Tea.
  • Making your own Ayurvedic Garam Masala.


  1. All the recipes.
  2. List of grains for different body type.
  3. Notes on how to prepare and cook with different grains.

Week 3: Rediscover Protein and Essential Fats with Lentils, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds.

We will discuss the benefits of vegetarian proteins and good fats in our diets for the maintenance of optimal health. Whether you are a vegetarian or you are transitioning towards a vegetarian diet it is important to know the right sources. This class will educate you about adding adequate amount of plant based proteins and fats that are necessary to enhance your meals.

  • How to soak and sprout seeds, lentils and legumes.
  • Choose lentils and legumes according to your body type.
  • Recipe: A delicious warm Immune Boosting Soup and Black Chickpea Stir Fry..
  • We will make either the tea or spice blend of the day!


1. All the recipes.

2. List of “lentils & legumes” and “Nuts & Seeds” for all Body Type

3. How to prepare “lentils and legumes” and what spice is a MUST for this preparation.

Week 4:  Essential & Healing Fats

Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging fats that your body need. Learn about different nuts, seeds and fruits that are high is essential fatty acids and great for our well being.

We will discuss the benefits of vegetarian and animal sources of good fats and why do we need fats in our diets for the maintenance of optimal health. Fats are foods for our organs and specially for our brain. This class will educate you about adding adequate amount of plant based fats, cooking temperature of different fats, which oils to use for cooking and which ones to include in salad dressings for raw consumption.

  • How to choose the right nuts and seeds for your body type.
  • How to prepare nuts and seeds before eating them.
  • Recipe: A delicious roots and sprouts salad, and baked tempeh.
  • Sprouted Salad with a Raw Nutty Salad Dressing.


1. All the recipes.

2.  List of”Nuts & Seeds” for all Body Type

3. Best oils for cooking, dressings and eating raw for healing.

Week 5: Sweet and Savoury Tidbits & Desserts

We will be talking about the effect and importance of sugar, salt and oil in our diet. In this class you will enhance your knowledge about spices and herbs in relation to culinary and medicinal values.

  • Essential information about choosing the right type of salts, sugars and oils.
  • A chart showing the best spices and herbs for your body type.
  • Recipes: Sunflower Dip served with a vegetable platter and a Spicy Spin on Mushrooms with Green Chutney and Vegan or Feta Cheese.
  • Sweetness! Amazing Chocolate Dessert.


  1. All the recipes.
  2. Important information about different oils and their smoking points.
  3. List of Spices and Herbs according to your body types or dosha.

Instructor will be willingly answering any questions or queries for this wrap up session. A brief review about Ayurvedic Cooking, a balanced diet, using herbs & spices to enhance digestive process.