There is no RIGHT DIET: Chose a lifestyle best 4 you!

There is no RIGHT DIET: Chose a lifestyle best 4 you!

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Attitude – Gratitude – Food – Belief

If you have read my blog post on my opinion about vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism, than you know that I support any lifestyle you chose for your own health. However always have an open mind and keep your options open. If you label yourself as “vegan”, “raw” etc. (unless for religious or cultural reason) than when it is time that do you need something that doesn’t “fit” into the labelled category, you will give more priority to the label than your health. I follow Ayurvedic lifestyle because it was nearly what I grew up on. Healthy, fresh, delicious, supportive of sourcing food correctly and most importantly for a foodie like myself – it is so delicious!

What is the world’s best diet? What do I recommend?

What I like to share with my clients is to eat real, whole foods that are sustainably grown and supports the local economy but avoids genetic modification (GMO foods). Because when you “buy” food you are literally voting with your money to either support the farmers who care about our food and our health or an industry that provides us with cheap food like substances with minimum or zero nutritional value. Industrialized foods are grown in a way that is unsustainable and harmful. As far as I am concerned I stand for our health and the health of the earth.

One other thing I recommend is supporting the body’s natural cleansing and detoxing pathways by doing a cleanse, two to three times a year.


Avoid the food scare:

In many regions, countries and cities people have followed various kinds of diet (and when I say diet, I mean their eating habit not what they didn’t eat!) depending on availability of foods, season, weather and religious reasons. The world was much simpler before with vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism. Now I see people follow a diet because they are scared of a certain type of food than concerned about their health and knowing what is suitable for them! This is because

  1. We see an increase in processed, packaged foods and boxed take outs filled with colours, additives, chemicals and processed oils.
  2. The introduction of seed modifications or GMO foods.
  3. Over farming of certain grains, legumes that caused a nutritional deficiency in the food and harmed the soil.
  4. An increase in diseases due to eating less variety (eating same foods more often).
  5. Increase in obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.
  6. Price of organic foods at the specialty grocery stores affects their lifestyle.
  7. Being confused or not knowing the price/value of real, wholesome foods.
  8. Losing the interest is food preparation, cooking and sharing responsibility due to a much more mechanized life.
  9. Because it is easy and cheap to depend on others for your food.

If we leave it mostly on nature and just focus on preparing the food for better digestion I do not think there would be so many different types of lifestyle and dieting methods propping up.

It is more important to understand nature’s abundance (in variety of foods it has to offer) and how we can eat better and digest properly our foods, than learning another new way of eating.

#1 health promoting lifestyle

If you just think about what you enjoy eating (of course from wholesome, real food choices from nature), then learn how to prepare it in a best way for digestion and watch your portion keeping in mind if you have a sedentary lifestyle or a very active lifestyle, then most of your health problems will be solved.

I know this sounds extremely simple but maybe that is what we need to believe in. Solutions are really simple we just don’t sometimes care to apply it more regularly.

I promise you, whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian if you focus on sourcing, preparing and balancing portion you will never need a doctor for chronic conditions created from food and lifestyle imbalances.

In my opinion, health = Sourcing sustainable real foods + preparing or cooking it for better digestion + understanding what is the portion size that is right for you.


Why your attitude towards your choice should be relaxed?

Avoid preaching or judging or segregating each other due to lifestyle choices. I am vegan, I am raw, I am a vegetarian or I am a meat eater – so what? Does it mean if you have a parent, child, friend or family member who is not, you will not be near them anymore? When your behaviour towards a certain healthy lifestyle is stress-less and enjoyable the rest will follow. You don’t have to reject someone if you don’t understand their way of living. Imagine your body and mind will be free of “restrictions” and your set an example for others. They may decide to join you or not join you but you are no longer labelled! But free! This relaxed way of being will bring in the following benefits:

  1. You are no longer known as the “extremist” when it comes to food.
  2. You are no longer “trying” to change everyone around you. On the contrary people are following you.
  3. Your own practices towards healthy eating will give your even more energy and pleasure. This process will ensure a sustainable health for you.
  4. You can bring the most deliciously prepared healthy food and share with friends, family and neighbour, instead of avoiding the parties! YAY!

Learning about health is also a personal journey. Today you maybe a meat eater, tomorrow you may want switch to eating like a vegetarian because that is what gives you more satisfaction or stronger health or vice versa.


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  1. I love your approach so much, Nahid! You are so right that people can become obsessed with some diets that are hard to follow and that can also do more harm than good.

    The best is to eat healthy food as much as possible, exercise and drink plenty of water and then you’re gonna feel great! Thanks for bringing awareness with your articles.

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