What is REAL MILK? 14 benefits of REAL MILK

What is REAL MILK? 14 benefits of REAL MILK

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You must be wondering what a contradiction from my last blog post? However you know that I am a fan of REAL food. Unprocessed, natural and health promoting. So here I go about real dairy…

According to Ayurveda milk from cow’s milk is pure or sattvic in nature and has medicinal value. Milk is sweet in taste and cooling for the body. Milk becomes heavy when boiled for a long period of time. However Ayurveda only recommends drinking warmed milk, therefore avoid drinking cold milk (mucus forming and not suitable for people with Kapha dosha imbalances) and over boiled milk.

Why do I still drink milk?

Well first of all I respect all lifestyle choices and diet that promotes health without being judgmental and opinionated. We are all free to make our own choices and this is my choice. So I do not apologize for it. I love adding milk to my tea or coffee.

However I do not consume commercial or non-organic milk that has been inundated with anti-biotics, hormones, corn and waste matters.  Although I am unable to find raw unpasteurized milk (wait isn’t that banned in Canada?) I drink organic and whole milk. Not those skim, 1% or 2% milk that has been fortified. Read my previous blog post to know the nasty truth about commercial milk. Oh yes! All that is true and I would rather drink Almond milk for the rest of my life than voting for commercial milk with my hard earned money!

Raw milk

What is RAW milk?

“Raw” means milk that has not been pasteurized and homogenized. Read my previous blog to understand why this is important. Small dairy farmers produce fresh milk that is not processed, injected with antibiotics or hormones and not fed corn and industrial by products. These farmers practices sustainable farming by raising their cows in the pasture, feeds them grass that are not showered with chemicals and treats them humanely. The milk from these cows is safe for consumption however they are not allowed to sell their milk unless pasteurized. As a matter of fact it is illegal to sell  raw milk in Canada.

Benefits of Unprocessed and Raw Milk:

According to all the Ayurvedic texts here are some benefits of raw milk. The only suggestion Ayurveda makes is drink warm milk or warm spiced milk.

  1. Milk is nectar or elixir for humans. The cow considered a holy animal in South East Asian countries, that converts vegetables and plants into nutritious milk.
  2. In these countries great emphasis is given to how the cows are treated, raised and what they are fed. These animals in the rural areas are treated as a pet.
  3. Ancient Indian medicine men placed great emphasis on milk as a healer. It provides all the ingredients needed for growth and development, vital force (ojas) and bestows longevity.
  4. Traditionally milk has been used in Indian subcontinent as a complete food for infants to six months of age. Even yogis, ascetics and aspirants on the spiritual path consume milk.
  5. Milk contains plenty of protein, vitamins and essential minerals. The amino acids and the minerals in the milk are necessary for the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Raw milk is rich in fat soluble vitamins such as A, D and K.
  6. Whole milk provides energy because of the high content of fat and protein. Our body accepts foods that are whole and natural more readily than processed.
  7. Whole milk would also contain enzymes that would easily break down the food in our body and supply nutrients.
  8. Raw milk contains an abundant number of beneficial bacteria or probiotics. These live probiotics support our immune system and our colon health.
  9. As one of the best known elixir, milk provides energy as soon as it goes down the throat. Milk strengthens our glands.
  10. According to Ayurveda milk is food that is readily converted into semen for men.
  11. It easily produces new blood, which quickens the healing process of the body.
  12. Milk is a diuretic; it cleans the kidneys and urinary tract by prompting urination.
  13. Milk also serves as a neutralizing agent for poisons and toxins.
  14. Water content of milk helps in the digestion of iron, iodine and other minerals. The phosphorus and iron in milk are good for blood and eyes.
  15. Milk has been used as a medium to transport medicinal herbs and spices in our body for better absorption.
  16. Yogurt, a milk derivative has long been the secret of the Hunza valley people.

How to find the right Raw Milk:

Make sure you know the farmer or you were about to visit the farm. If not make sure from other people it is indeed a reliable source. When you get to know the farmer or people raising the cow you can always speak to them to learn how they raise their cows in different seasons, what they feed their cows. Ask them if they test for pathogenic bacteria count regularly and if they chill the milk immediately after milking. Check the sanitation process and how the cows are kept in the barns. It has to be cleaned and so do the cows. Best way to figure out if the milk is suitable for you is to find out if the farmer and his family members drink the milk.



Please share this blog if you LIKE it. Wait for my next blog on how to combat dairy intolerance and indigestion from dairy. I will also be posting videos and recipes using organic milk. If you are in Canada find out about Michael Schmidt who is doing an amazing job raising cows and producing raw milk.


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  1. […] Raw milk is full of enzymes, probiotics, and good fat. It’s a perfect, whole food. And it is very, very, very safe. “Pasteurization does not clean milk, it just kills filthy milk” (source). My son was born allergic to everything. When he came home at 1 month old (he’s adopted), he was on a prescription formula (that was 57% corn syrup) and 4 meds he took daily. I switched him to a raw goat’s milk formula. He was off all meds within one week. He is now 18 months old, very healthy, and has ZERO allergies. Raw milk healed his gut and made him a healthy young boy. We now drink raw cow’s milk. Read more about the amazing benefits of raw milk here, here, and here. […]

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