Benefits of Moongpani in Ayurveda and Yogic Practice

Benefits of Moongpani in Ayurveda and Yogic Practice

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Moongpani, Mungdalpani or Mung Bean Water Benefits in Ayurveda

Moong or Mung beans are the “Queen Beans” of all the beans, as per Ayurvedic Medicine. Moong is considered the superior bean in Ayurvedic Medicine. As we know Ayurveda uses food as medicine and inspires us to become an expert with ingredients as a cook in our kitchen. Ayurveda teaches us how to dilute certain ingredients for easy digestion and detoxification.

My friend Annu has created this amazing product line based on Ayurveda using Moongdal that is easily available in Canada. This I believe this is one of the Best of Holistic Fast Food that that is available at health stores. The process of making traditional moong pani requires time and patience. And when using Annu’s product you skip the labour and reap the benefit of easy to make moongpani at your disposal. Please keep reading this blog till the end to find out more about my friends amazing product. Just a quick teaser this is Keto Friendly, Vegan and Halal therefore, is suitable for many different lifestyles.

Before sharing more details about this new exciting product, I still want to delve into how you can make your own moong pani, what are the benefits of moong dal or mung beans as well as benefits of moongpani.

Ayurvedic Characteristics

Sanskrit Name: Mudga

English Name: Mung Bean/Green gram

Taste: Sweet & Astringent

Energetics: Cooling

Qualities: Drying, light and absorbent. (whole mung bean is slightly heavy)

Post Digestion (Vipaka): Pungent

Effects on Dosha: Balances Kapha and Pitta

Vitamins & Minerals: In each cup of mung beans, you will get 14.2 grams of protein (rich in essential amino acids), 15 grams of fiber and 38.7 grams of carbohydrate. Additionally, contains Folate/B9 (80%), B1, B2, B3, B5. B6, Selenium, Manganese (30%), Phosphorus, Iron, Copper, Potassium and Zinc.

Ways to Cook & Prepare Mung Beans or Moong Dal as Food and Skin Care:

The humble green gram is available at the grocery stores in 3 ways. Whole green gram, spilt mung beans and yellow mung dal. Its easy to cook dal from the last one.

Sprouts and microgreens made from whole mung are living foods that nourish the body with high nutrient and detoxifying content. Sprouts and microgreens are great support to skin health.

Moongpani (also known as Rasam) can be made from spilt green gram or the yellow moong dal.

Grounded moong dal or mung bean powder can be mixed with water, honey or yogurt to apply as face mask.

One can make khichari and dal or lentil soup using any of the three types available.

Interesting to learn that in Ayurveda the roots of the mung bean is used to make medicated milk to be used as an energy drink.

Benefits of Moong Dal or Mung Bean Soup:

As you can see the list of nutrient density of this humble moong dal, it is obvious the nourishment this dal can provide. The phyto nutrients in the moong can provide us with antioxidant support which in turn can reduce the risk of many chronic disease or chronic health condition. Sprouted moongdal provides the highest antioxidant protection. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and help to cool down the body. Antioxidants such as Vitexin and Isovitexin may prevent heat stroke in addition to water (hydration is key). Moong dal or mung bean also supports healthy heart function by reducing the bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. This is due to the high fiber and high mineral content.

Benefits of Moong Pani, Mung Bean Water or Moongpani:

1. The most important benefit of Moongpani is it kindles the digestive fire or the agni (enzymes, HCl) that is ever so needed for immunity and digestion. Moongpani promotes healthy appetite, improves detoxification of the body and can be used reduce obesity or for weight loss in combination with a healthy diet.

2. I highly recommend this during a spiritual cleanse or healthy detoxification as its is easy on the body to digest Moongpani. When fasting for spiritual or cleansing reason try to break your fast with Moongpani.

3. Moongpani is also known to improve the quality of one’s voice.

4. It can be considered as an aphrodisiac as it promotes physical strength/energy.

5. Ayurveda also recommends using moongpani during ones wound healing. Hence can be easily used for post surgery recovery.

6. Ayurveda confirms that moong dal or mung bean reduces Kapha induced diseases and reduces mucus in the body. The soup/dal as well as moongpani is highly beneficial to reduce cough, cold and fever.

7. Looking at the nutrients, prabhava (effects on health) and its cooling effect, mung bean dal and moongpani can be used in obesity (weight loss), inflammatory diseases (arthritis, gout. Rhinitis etc.)

8. Moongpani can also support cardiac conditions, piles, vertigo, gynecological issues, skin condition and mental health condition.

9. Due to the low glycemic index of a diluted moongpani and high protein and fiber content moongpani is amazing for balancing blood sugar and for diabetic patients.

10. The rich array of B vitamins and folic acid in moong can support healthy pregnancy.

11. Moongpani has been used by Ayurvedic Practitioner’s to reduce swelling in the body or feet.

12. Having moongpani for dinner (dinner by sunset) can reduce stiffness in the joints. However, combine this with 8-10 cups of water and good diet for the rest of the day. The alkalizing minerals contribute towards reducing the stiffness in the body. Ensure to add small amount of lemon or lime juice.

Traditional Preparation of Moongpani:

The traditional or Ayurvedic preparation of moongpani or mungpani requires the understanding of ratio between water and moongdal to extract maximum nutrients and to create a good dilution of moong. Ayurveda suggests 18:1 ratio for water to moong dal or mung bean.

Recipe: Homemade Moongpani


Whole Moong dal or Mung Bean – 25 grams

Water – 400 ml


1. Presoak moong dal for 8 to 10 hours. Drain the water and set it aside.

2. In a heavy bottom pan, add the water and bring it to boil.

3. Add the moong dals and in medium-high eat cook until water is one fourth or 100 ml. If can be done in a pressure cooker as well for 3-4 whistles.

4. Strain the soup only to get the water. You can add a few teaspoons of the bean (by product from the straining)

I understand that the above may not sound very appetizing however it’s the perfect food for digestion and detoxification. Many people add Tarka or using tempering spices to flavour the moongpani. Ayurvedic medicine refers to taking moongpani and then later add ginger, lime, cumin, mint, cilantro, amla juice and hing to improve flavour.

However, the above effort and the blandness of the soup can be avoided if you by the Moongpani by Annu. See below for more information.

Moongpani or Mung Bean Soup Tea by Balatibala Plant-Based Foods

Here is the good news for people who are always on the run, have crazy busy schedule or work long hours without break. Moongpani or Mung Bean Soup or Tea by Balatibala Plant-Based Foods is made in Canada!! Annu who is making traditional Ayurvedic Food/Medicine available to you in a click. Large health food sites such as,, and Noah’s Fine foods is carrying her Moongpani or Mung Bean Tea.

The way Annu keeps to tradition and the labour/love put in the product is incredible. Result is the stock was sold out at after the first shipment.

You can use this product as a soup or a tea. If you add as a quick soup mix, just pour water, add lime or lemon and enjoy with a hearty salad. If using as a tea, then pour water, wait till it dissolves and drink as a tea. Annu has added traditional spices and herbs to suit your palate.

Balatibala Plant-Based Foods is a family-owned business that makes Moong Pani Soup-Teas made from mung beans, herbs and spices. They have taken a traditional and nutritious Indian hot drink, based on Ayurvedic principles of health, and created a convenient dried soup-tea mix that is tasty, healthy, all natural and conveniently packaged for anytime anywhere.

Keto Lifestyle Followers: Please make the moongpani in a coffee mug, pour water, wait until it dissolves and then add lemon juice on it. Add your favourite fat or Ghee to make it Keto Ideal! Instead of drinking coffee that is a diuretic food and will flush water out of your system why not try the Moongpani.

Vegan Lifestyle Followers: Make the Moongpani as a per the instruction at the back on the package. Add fresh lemon or lime juice. Instead of ghee, heat up small amount of coconut oil and add it.

In world of superfood and so many supplements it is hard to convince people how a humble moong can transform your health. Best to try and see the benefits yourself. Yogi’s traditionally loved moongpani to kindle agni. So I hope you will either make at home and support Moongpani in GTA. Your support is crucial for the success of a small business who offers such unique product line.


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