Ayurvedic Detoxification Program – Detox Right for Your Body Type

Ayurvedic Detoxification Program – Detox Right for Your Body Type

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Ayurvedic Detoxification Program – Detox Right for Your Body Type

Detoxification is an extremely important therapy to improve one’s health and to promote energy, vitality, strength and longevity. Without proper detoxification or cleansing of the ‘internal body’ one can accumulate toxins and suffer from many health conditions such as headache, constipation, weight gain, weight loss, compromised immune system (which makes one susceptible to many diseases), swelling, insomnia, poor memory and chronic respiratory conditions.

If you live in a house that you do not clean daily or at least weekly – imagine how dirty it can be! Now image how old you are and how long has it been since you cleaned your internal body. If you are someone who completes a detox program every year then congratulations! However if you have never done a detox – understand that not cleansing will cause accumulations of toxins (popularly referred to as ‘Ama’ in Ayurveda).Worry not as I am here to guide you with a simple home detoxification program.

Ayurvedic Detoxification or Panchakarma is a therapy that is best done under the supervision of an Ayurvedic Doctor or medical expert. However the Panchakarma Diet or a Detox Diet can be easily followed by an individual from home. For a simple food detoxification one does not need to go to a clinic or take days off from work. But an individual must be ready for any withdrawal syndrome if they have never done detox before or are heavily dependent of flour, sugar and caffeinated drinks.

Before I introduce the Home Detox Program I have created – I thought I would give you an overview of what is Panchakarma and how it works. After explaining Panchkarma I will explain the Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Cleanse Program that you can cmplete from the comfort of your home.

Food, diet and relaxation are so important that Panchakarma cannot be complete or successful without them especially not without a proper diet. That is the reason I have created a program based on individual dosha, diet and dinacharya (detox practices) that can impact a person’s long term health goal. First let me explain what is Panchakarma.

What is Panchakarma or Ayurvedic Detoxification?:

Detoxification process in Ayurveda is known as Panchakarma. In Ayurveda, Panchakarma promotes a cleansing method that removes accumulated toxins from the body. The literal meaning of “Panchakarma” means “Five Therapies.” Panch means five and karma means actions and in this case therapies. These five therapeutic procedures eliminate physical impurities and rejuvenate the mind. The five therapies in Panchakarma are – Vamana (Emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Nasya (Nasal Oil Application), Basti (Enema) and Raktamoskshana (Blood Letting). The procedure must be completed under medical (Ayurvedic Clinic) supervision.

Vamana means medical emesis (vomiting). This therapy is used to reduce and remove  Kapha toxins (mucus) accumulated in the respiratory tract.

Virechana is purgation therapy using herbs. This therapy is used to reduce Pitta toxins from the liver, gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract.

Nasya  is a process where medicated oil is administered through the nose. This therapy is used to remove accumulated Kapha toxins from the head and neck area.

Basti is enema therapy that is considered the most crucial part of the Panchakarma cleansing. It cleanses accumulated Vata toxins in the colon. Unlike the Western enema’s that uses water, coffee or wheatgrass – Ayurvedic basti uses medicated oils, ghee and herbal decoction to clean the colon and increase the muscle tone.

Raktamoskshana therapy is followed in extreme health condition or a rare disease. This therapy is used to cleanse the blood. The literal meaning of Raktamoskshana is bloodletting and it is used to eliminate toxins from the blood. This therapy is not allowed to be practiced in North America.

Panchakarma Diet:

Ayurveda states that Panchakarma is only effective when diet is correct. A special detoxification diet is created along with specific treatments depending on one’s dosha and stage of disease condition. Both diet and treatment are closely observed by the medical body during Panchakarma.

Panchakarma Diet promotes the following

1. Intake of ghee or other oils according to your dosha everyday.

2. Taking Triphala or Trikatu every day. Or, Intake of Ayurvedic herbs to pacify your specific dosha.

3. Eating only Khichari (light khichari that is prepared with more water) a few days to detox and nourish the body.

4. Drinking spiced tea without milk and sugar. Choosing the spices according to one’s dosha.

5. Abhyanga or Self Massage with oils suitable for your dosha.

Conscious Health’s Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program:

I knew that not everyone would want to go through a clinical Panchakarma. At the same time many understands the importance of a Detox or a complete cleanse. Therefore Conscious Health created a simple home detox program based on your body type as well as your lifestyle preference. The program promotes foods that are specific for your body type and promotes a hypoallergenic diet keeping in mind modern lifestyle. It eliminates junk and refined processed foods and reintroduces you to new flavours using spices and herbs.

It is a step by step guide not only to cleanse your body but also to bring your Dosha into balance.

What makes this program unique from the others? Well, this program is UNIQUE as it is based on the SIX different variations. 

Why six? Well, as you know, there are THREE body types which exist in Ayurveda; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. As a result, we have decided to create a program specific to your own body type. 

We also did not want to exclude people who are not vegetarians or vegans and people who still wants to participate in the program. Therefore we have six versions of the program – One for each Dosha and two for each dosha Type.

They are:

1.     Vata Vegetarian Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program

2.     Vata non-Vegetarian Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program

3.     Pitta Vegetarian Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program

4.     Pitta non-Vegetarian Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program

5.     Kapha Vegetarian Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program

6.     Kapha non-Vegetarian Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program

Note that the vegetarian version of the program is also suitable for Vegans.

Highlights of the Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program:

a. focuses on the ‘body-type’ approach, which takes into consideration one’s lifestyle preferences (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, or non-vegetarian)
b. assists individuals in preparing detoxifying meals in their own kitchens
c. caters specifically to one’s Dosha – Vata, Pitta or Kapha diet, lifestyle and yoga practices.


Although this program does not follow the five therapies of Panchakarma – it is assists is major detoxification of the body using the science of food, herb and other lifestyle practices that can balance your specific dosha. Lifestyle practices include tongue cleaning, self message, nasya, yoga, pranayama and meditation for your body type.

What is Included in Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program

What is included in this program? Well, for only $99.00 (regular $139.00, a savings of $40.00!), you will receive the following:

a.  21-day (or 14-day) meal plan, 21 including pre and post cleansing meal plans
b. 40+ detoxifying recipes, using foods suitable for one’s dosha
c. 21-day (or 14-day) grocery shopping list (provided during the program’s run)
d. supplement guide [optional and must speak with your primary health care practitioner before adding to the regime]
e. Ayurvedic Dinacharya (known as a daily detox routine)
f. 21-day task planners 
g. email and/or Facebook access during the cleansing period

For the ‘Deluxe Kit’ (ONLY available to residents in Ontario, Canada) can be yours for only $159.00 (regular $199.00, a savings of $40.00!). In this kit, one can expect:

o    everything listed above, PLUS

o    a Dosha specific-tongue cleaner

o    quinoa khichari

o    massage oil

This cleanse will include FOUR days of pre-cleanse, and THREE days of post-cleanse, complete with all of the items listed above.

How to Sign Up for the Fab and Glowing Ayurvedic Detox Program?

Take the Dosha Quiz now.

Choose the Vegetarian/Vegan or Non-Vegetarian program. (Note: The ‘Vegetarian’ program is also suitable for vegans.)

As per your Dosha and lifestyle preferences, choose theDetox Program which is right for you.

Select the $99.00 program for local or international orders, or the $159.00 deluxe kit program (only applicable for those currently residing in Ontario, Canada).

Learn how to cleanse your body properly with this carefully laid-out program, catering to one’s dosha specifically. Buy it once at $99.00 (or $159.00 in Ontario, Canada), and use it for the rest of your life!

If you have any questions – reach out to us at info@conscioushealth.net 


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