21-Day E-Course: Eat Right for Your Body Type

21-Day E-Course: Eat Right for Your Body Type

Want to avoid fad diets? Want to learn more about the science behind health and nutrition? Don’t want to give up any particular food group but still want to obtain or maintain great health? Eat Right for Your Body Type is the right E-Course for you! This 21-Day information filled course based on Ayurveda and Nutrition. It can help you combat chronic diseases, fatigue, insomnia, weight gain and depression. I cover everything from food sourcing, meal planning, herbal supplements, to emotional healing and reasons behind food cravings. This complete e-course will be administered solely through your email. You will receive course content in your inbox three days a week, including a challenge that will keep you healthy and motivated.

E-Course Delivery:

This delivered via email. You will receive 3 emails per week for 7 weeks – until 21 days of course content is delivered to you.

This course is a science based Holistic Nutrition combined Ayurveda!! The course is designed to inform and educate you about modern nutrition and holistic healing. Get know that there are beneficial and harmful foods in all food groups. Design a meal plan and diet that is right for your body type. This is a unique and intelligent approach to healthy eating. Learn, cook, taste and have fun without stressing about calorie counting, dieting and excluding food groups. This program creates awareness about the power of food and healing. The course contents will be directly delivered in your inbox after you register. We explain everything from healthy fats, probiotics to cooking and meal planning!! Check out the 21 Day – E-course content. With each day you get a challenge that will change your energy level and health!

E-Course Content:

21 Days E-Course and Challenge Content

  1. Introduction
  2. The Six Pillars of Health
  3. Fake Foods and Decoding Labels
  4. Sourcing Food That Nourishes You
  5. A New Look at Food Groups
  6. What is a Healthy Diet?
  7. How to kick the Cravings?
  8. Meal Preparation Guide: Hot Tips for Successful Meal Planning
  9. Ayurvedic Approach to Body Type & Food Sourcing Chart
  10. Basic Pantry Upgrade
  11. Tips on How to Eat Healthy on a Budget
  12. Why Fats are Important?
  13. Learn about fermented foods
  14. Rethinking Your Plate
  15. Eating Guidelines for Body Type
  16. My Top 5 Self-Care and Lifestyle Regimes
  17. When and Why do you need Herbal Supplements
  18. Important Supplements for maintaining daily balance
  19. Understanding the Importance of Detox
  20. How to deal with Mental Toxins and Reduce Stress?
  21. Importance of Cooking and how to Cook food for your Body Type



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