10 Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd or Lauki

10 Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd or Lauki

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Ayurvedic Understanding of Lauki 

Dosha: VP (K when juiced)

Taste:  Bitter & Slightly Astringent

Quality: Dry and Light

Potency: Cooling

Post Digestive: Bitter 

Parts Used: Vegetable, Flower, Leaf and Roots

I am writing in details about how and when to eat the vegetable and mostly the benefits of the vegetable. However the if you are fortunate to find the plant – the leaf can be used to clear skin infections and the flower is extremely beneficial for the female reproductive organs. The root is highly effective for kidney stones, prostate health and as a diuretic.

Vitamins and Minerals:  Vitamin C, Thiamin, Niacin (vitamin B-3), Pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5), Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) and small amounts of Folates. It also contains minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, sodium, manganese and magnesium

How to Eat?: 

Lauki or Lau (in Bangladesh) or Bottle Gourd is mostly available in tropical countries. If you live in the West like me you can only purchase Lauki from Indian or Desi grocery stores. Best to make soup, light curry, raita, bhaji (stir fry), achar (pickle), or kofta (vegetable balls) using lauki. I have seen people making South East Asian desserts such as halva and khir. Lauki juice can be taken if you are a Kapha dosha predominant. Drink 200 ml (or 1 cup) lauki juice between 12-3 PM. I love making Lauki kofta and my mother cooks lauki curry with potatoes and tomatoes. When making raita you must precook the lauki.

Do not eat with other bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd. rapini or other bitter leafy greens. 

Kapha individuals when juicing lauki can add parsley or cilantro or celery (for Kidney Cleanse), add Tulsi or Holy Basil or mint leaves (for heart health), ginger or turmeric (raw, very small amount for detoxing effect as well as digestive and respiratory health) or a fresh pear apple, peach or apricot. Do not add salt to lauki juice as it naturally contains sodium. Do not consume more than 200 ml at a time. 

Lauki or Bottle Gourd and Dosha:

Lauki or Bottle Gourd or Calabash has been used in South East Asian countries as a weight loss tonic as well as in skin care regime. A highly prized vegetable in Ayurvedic medicine as it increases ojas (immunity) and nourishes Vata and Pitta dosha. 

Vata and Pitta must consume cooked lauki or bottle gourd. If you are kapha then use thermogenic spices like ginger, cayenne or drink the lauki or bottle gourd juice for weight loss.

About bottle gourd/lau/lauki:

This South Asian squash is indeed bottle shaped, light green and long. The flesh inside is spongy and you can also cut it into small pieces and make a curry out of it. Bottle gourd or lauki is over 90% water therefore it is easy to digest. Due to its sodium content it is best to eat before sunset otherwise instead of the beneficial diuretic effect it will promote water retention. Best time to eat Lauki in noon for lunch.

Health Conditions it Can Improve: Jaundice (leaf juice), Diabetes, Obesity, Constipation, Acidity, Skin Condition, Stops Premature Aging, Swelling (if taken at noon), Insect Bites (leaf) and Anemia (Iron). It also combats Parasites or Intestinal Worms, Insomnia, Depression, Improve Memory, Cold/Cough/Sinus, Asthma, Fever, Colic Pain and Ulcer.

Women suffering from reproductive issues such as PMS, PCOS, water retention, Hype or Hyper thyroid, Leukorrhea and Infertility (female egg), can also take this vegetable and the flower of the plant. Again best taken during lunch. Avoid after pregnancy as in pregnancy the chances of water retention is high.

Ayurvedic health benefits of bottle gourd/lau/ lauki:

  1. Ayurveda recommends cooked lauki or bottle gourd for better digestion. It is cooling, calming, diuretic and anti-bilious (reduces bile and stops indigestion). The B vitamins assist in increasing the body’s metabolic rate to better digest fats, proteins, sugar and carbohydrate.
  2. Like cranberries, bottle gourd or lauki supports the kidneys and the urinary system of our body by reducing burning sensation from high acidic urination. It also reduces the chances of urinary infection because it is alkalizing and has a diuretic effect. Consume if you have high creatine and uric acid.
  3. A nutritious vegetable for the female reproductive system. 
  4. It is extremely popular for weight loss. Especially the bottle gourd or lauki juice when taken at noon.
  5. Bottle gourd is extremely popular for reducing high blood pressure and bad cholesterol in some people. However when taking cardiac medications or when the cardiac condition is severe do NOT take lauki as it can create more pressure on the cardiac muscles.
  6. Lauki or bottle gourd is known to combat excessive thirst in diabetic patients. However do not take if lauki is too bitter or with other bitter herbs. 
  7. The fiber and the minerals in the bottle gourd or lauki supports healthy digestion and combats flatulence (by killing intestinal parasites), constipation, colic pain and ulcer.
  8. In Ayurveda it is also know to prevent premature greying and improve hair growth. It will NOT change the grey hair to black but will stop more greying as it contain B vitamins and has a cooling effect on the scalp. Grate and apply with yogurt or apply cider vinegar. You can mix my Healthy Hair Mask in yogurt and add lauki in it.
  9. The Vitamin C and Zinc in lauki prevent pre mature aging and wrinkles as well. Lauki juice can be applied externally for skin care uses such as pimple, acne, dark circle, puffy eyes etc. .
  10. Bottle gourd is recommended by Ayurvedic doctors for reducing liver inflammation.

Note: Due to the fact that lauki is cooling – many think that it cannot reduce respiratory condition. However Lau or Lauki juice taken with ginger or black pepper can help with respiratory health but only if taken before sunset or by 3 pm. 

Learn how to make Lauki Kofta!

Have you ever cooked with bottle gourd. If not does this blog post inspire you? Post a comment below.

Question of the day: Which of these benefits is useful to you?

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  1. I read “About bottle gourd/lau/lauki”. Can u please inform how much quantity of lauki juice we should have daily. Whether one cup or just few spoon for weight loss as well as urinary infection problem.

  2. Can you please add some details on how to make the juice? whether to remove skin of lauki? or just remove upper layer to make the skin thin? just boil it to cook it or grind it raw?

    • I will work on a lauki juice recipe soon! But for now – just wash, peel and take the seeds out. grate the lauki and use a cheese cloth to squeeze out the juice. Add black pepper before drinking it. Alternatively after peeling and de seeding, run the lauki through a juicer. Hope this helps!

  3. hi Nahid,

    how do you do.small query about bottle gourd.its a cold vegetable.if we eat this easily we will be get affected by cold.if we drink daily this may not cause any problem in health?that too for asthma patients.

    • Hello Jahadeesh, take lauki in season. That is the best advise I can give you. If you drink daily add some spices to it and drink half a cup to 1 cup. Always remember if you have a reaction from eating something or your feel discomfort it is common sense to stop eating that food. Food in moderation is medicine and in excess poison.

  4. I am taking lauki juice of about 400 gms unpeeled lauki which is one small glass , daily morning before taking anything except water (since about a week.
    Is skin harmful?
    I taste two ends before putting it to juicer as I heard that bitter lauki is very harmful deadly for us.

    • I always peel and juice. I add a pinch of Trikatu (black pepper, long pepper and ginger combo) to avoid any bacterial effect. So try with Trikatu. Always speak with your doctor before taking anything you are not sure of.

  5. Will lauki help in overcoming the arthritist as wel. If yes what should be the proper procedure to consume it..as the artical says it is good for vata.

    • For arthritis pain reduce sugar, salt and any flour based item. In addition to this reduce your rice or any type of grain intake in half or maybe lesser. Drink water and herbal teas. Most of all add Turmeric to your tea.

    • It is the juice of the bottle gourd that is taken for weight loss. If you are really interested in weight loss then please reduce acdic foods in your diet and the dairy, sugar and flour. If you can eat lentil soups, vegetables and use coconut oil or sesame seed oil for cooking oil it will help you a lot. Another thing to avoid is high salt. But that doesn’t mean you quit salt. Just lower the intake.

    • The phytochemicals and minerals in Lauki helps reduce weight. Same as mung beans, garlic, chili, kokom and cinnamon does. They all contain various phytochemicals that help reduce weight.

  6. Dear Nahid,
    i found out another way of drinking the juice, and it works like maguc.

    I peal the lauki and boil it adding a little water. When its done, cool it down, put in a blender (don’t waste the water) and add a bit more water, 7 mint leaves, salt, black pepoer and one lemon juice.

    blend it and drink it.
    it’s awesome,… gr8 taste.
    Plz do reply me via email if this procedure is correct, as i have lost 3kg in 14 days (doing 30 mins of walk also).


  7. Dear Nahid,
    i found out another way of drinking the juice, and it works like magic.

    I peal the lauki and boil it adding a little water. When its done, cool it down, put in a blender (don’t waste the water) and add a bit more water, 7 mint leaves, salt, black pepoer and one lemon juice.

    blend it and drink it.
    it’s awesome,… gr8 taste.
    Plz do reply me via email if this procedure is correct, as i have lost 3kg in 14 days (doing 30 mins of walk also).


  8. Hi,

    Daily morning, I drink gourd (Lauki) juice regularly mixing with all kinds of vegetables like carrots, beets, tomatos, cucumbers, ginger but without salt, pepper and water.

    I like to drink with the natural flavors and I am loving it.

    One thing I noiticed while juicing Lauki is that it turns into light brown color after sometime. Is it good if you drink raw juice? Is there any chemical reaction happening after oxidation with air?

    Let me know, whether it is normal to change the color and Is it safe to drink?


  9. Hi.

    I want to ask if I boil Lauki and blend it at night to drink it early next morning due to time constraint? Will it still be beneficial?


  10. thanks for the informations! But, do you think there are more benefits or contributions of bottle gourd that is not still or not found in internet today?

  11. Hello nahid,

    I am consuming bottle gourd juice fron last one month but hve not noticed changes such as weight loss, some time it gets skippef to have the juice so do I require to workout fr same.

  12. Hi,
    Can u jist guide whether lauki can be mixed with carrot, avala for preparing juice. And whether lauki helps in reducing heart blockages.

    • Hi Nikhil, I have not mixed with lauki juice with other juices as yet. But I do not see why not. Lauki is food and so is carrot. For heart blockages I would consult a Medical doctor as well as consider a food detox.

  13. dear sir,

    i have a high blood pressure and high weight and i drink lauki juice in night at 9:00 pm i eat my dinner at 8:00 pm.is it help for me to drink lauki juice at 9:00 pm.

    vishmek jani

  14. Hello Nahid
    Thanks for great tips. Just wondering do you have to strain the lauki juice or I can take it with all the fiber goodness. Also do we must peel the lauki before juicing?
    Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi Nahim,

    As i do not have blender or juicer. if i chop louki into very small pieces and boil it.
    it will help in weight loss ?

  16. Hi ,

    As i do not have blender or juicer . if i will chop bottle guard into very small pieces and boil it.
    it will help in weight loss ?

  17. I and my wife drink the juice of bottle gourd n Amla every day. It’s been very effective in reducing migraine attacks

  18. Hi Nahim,

    I have vitligo problem from last one decades, I am planning to take ayurvedic help. Can lauki juice help for my Vitiligo problem?

  19. Hi nahid

    I am 24 yrs. Having genetic cholestrol. Can i drink lauki juice at evening 1 or 2 hrs before dinner. Kindly help me.

  20. I am having acidity and thyroid problem. Can I consume bottle guard juice daily without adding anything to it. I am taking 75mg of thyronorm daily. At what time should I consume the juice daily.

  21. How long does the bottle gourd juice stays fresh can I make bottle gourd juice in bulk & preserve it in the fridge to stay fresh pls do reply at the earliest thanks

  22. Hey i m gone through my kidney transplant before 6 months on 11 th of may 2015 . Dr . Has prescribed me that not to eat or drink any vegge raw . So i just wanted to ask that does lauki soup works the same as lauki juice ?

  23. Hi Naheed
    Which kind of other juice we can mix in louki juice
    What is the chemical constitution of Louki juice.

  24. Thanks for all good knowledge one question can I use half lauki one day and half next day as after cutting it gets Brown pls reply

  25. he. i m from india…i have hepatomegaly for 5 years n now i m having ayurvedic medicines coz no other best medicines available…i could feel my heart is burning everytime…i m facing so many problems like low HB, always low BP with body shaking problem, i loose weight, calcium from my body , can’t go anywhere , can’t sleep at night and so on ..i have a long list..my question is can i get away from my never ending pain by having this lauki juice? if yes, then how many times should i take it in a week or month?

  26. hi…I do 30 min walking in morning and drink lauki juice as breakfast will it help for weight loss…..and cn I drink lauki juice at dinner tym instead of meal….wll it help in weight loss….pls reply…

  27. very nice information , I want to ask is there any age limit for this weight loss remedy of louki juice. as I have tried apple cider for my daughter aged 18 years but she suffered from hormonal problem and problem in menses .

  28. Hello, Nahid,
    very nice information , I want to ask Can I prepare the bottle gourde juice at night and drink next morning .
    and which shape we use round shape bottle gourde or long shape

  29. Thanks for reply ,but i also to know that can i prepare the bottle gourde juice at night and drink it next morning .

  30. My 1.5 year old daughter has constipation but last 2 times when I gave her lauki soup she emptied her bowels without any problem. Would you be able to advise if lauki soup can be given to a 1.5 year old?

  31. hi,

    I don’t have so much fat but I want to rid my belly so it is help full for me and in winter season it’s harmful or not?

  32. hi,
    my weight is normal infact less as comparison to my age but I want to rid my belly so lauki soup is useful for me or not.
    And in winter season it’s harmful?

  33. Hii i m 27 yrs old i take honey water in the morning. I do sun salutations in the evening can i take lauki juice after that as post excersise drink to lose weight .i m also planning family will it be harmful ? Kindly reply

    • I am not aware of any contraindications with Lauki and pregnancy. Please speak with your naturopathic doctor for this. Losing weight and getting pregnant are two different things. Maybe if you want to loose weight then conceive that would be better.

  34. Can we make lauki juice in bulk and store in fridge? or do we need to make it freshly whenever we prepare? I work in night shifts, doesnt want my family to get disturbed. Can we make and store in fridge require amount?

  35. Hello
    is it ok to make soup of lauki and yellow pumpkin first thing every mornings for children aged 12 and 15.

  36. Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to
    mention that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts.
    In any case I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed and
    I’m hoping you write once more very soon!

  37. When can thyroid patients should consume this juice for weightloss after taking tablets or before that.Is it will reduce weight and controls thyroid function to normal.

  38. Hello there, You have done an incredible job. I will definitely digg
    it and individually suggest to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited from this site.

  39. Hi M’am
    Is there any side effect in eating raw lauki in the morning before any other food /drinks, rather than consuming in juice form.

  40. Mam i want to reduce about 12 -13 kgs and i even i exercise alot but loss is minimal . Only 1-1.5kgs per month. Will Lauki juice benefit considering the fact that i get bad throat and also suffering from light ULCERATIVE COLITIS. Doctor recommended me to take one mesacol everday and even i am having homeopathy for the same

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